The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is a decentralized agency charged with the establishment, maintenance and regulation of public transportation. This department was formed back in 1969 and absorbed the powers of the State Road Department (SRD) and the Florida State Turnpike Authority which became a district within the new FDOT.

FDOT has the main mission of providing a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity and preserves the quality of our environment and communities. FDOT handles eight semi-autonomous districts that are managed by a District Secretary.

General Mailing Address and Telephone Number

Stephanie C. Kopelousos
Secretary of Transportation
605 Suwannee Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450
Telephone: 850-414-4100
Additional Information
Toll Free Phone Numbers
  Central Office 1-866-374-FDOT (3368)  
  District 1 1-800-292-3368 (Bartow)  
  District 2 1-800-749-2967 (Lake City)  
  District 2 1-800-207-8236 (Jacksonville)  
  District 2 TDD 386-961-7510  
  District 3 1-888-638-0250 (Chipley)  
  District 4 1-866-336-8435 (Ft. Lauderdale)  
  District 5 1-800-780-7102 (Deland)  
  District 6 1-800-435-2368 (Miami)  
  District 7 1-800-226-7220 (Tampa)  
  Turnpike Enterprise 1-800-749-7453  

Central Office
    MS Telephone No. Fax No.
Stephanie C. Kopelousos Secretary of Transportation 57 850-414-5205 850-414-5201
Alexis Yarbrough General Counsel 58 850-414-5265 850-414-5264
Ron Russo Inspector General 44 850-410-5800 850-410-5851
Eva Baxter Chief of Staff/Legislative Programs Administrator 57 850-414-4575 850-414-5201
Darcy Kohn Federal Programs Coordinator 57 202-624-5885 202-624-5886
Dick Kane Communications Director 54 850-414-4590 850-414-4085